Snow blower won't keep running.

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Unhappy Snow blower won't keep running.

Hi Guys,
I have a MTD snow blower with a five hp Tecumseh.
Iím done using that fuel additive for the gas. Like a good little homeowner I pulled out my snow blower this summer and started it up and let it run so that it would be ready for winter. Here comes the snow and I pull out my machine and it wonít start. I pulled the bowl and it was completely filled with jelly. I guess that fuel stabilizer I put in didnít work. I removed the float and cleaned the pin that attached to it, and then I took apart the bolt that goes up thru the bowl and cleaned out the little holes. I did notice that the tip of the pin that goes up the middle of it is starting to corrode a little, I cleaned it up the best I could. I put it back together and pumped the primer and it started then it stopped. It will only keep running as long as I pump the primer. What do you think?
P.S. How many turns out do I put on the needle or pin that goes up inside the bolt?
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Setting your needle

Start by turning this needle in all the way softly CLOSED then turn it out 2 & 1/2 turns, attempt to start the engine.

If this needle is your high speed needle then you may need to adjust after you see how well it responds to the throttle at full throttle.

If your engine cranks and runs well with this setting then you are fine, if it doesn't start turn the needle out 1/4 and attempt to crank it.

Check your plug and make sure you are getting fuel to the plug. You need to verify that the plug is getting fire as well, loosen the plug and pull the starter a few times to see if you see a spark when pulling.

These settings are what we use in our model airplanes and the setup is close the same.
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Fuel Stabilizers

Data Guy,

We see it ALL THE TIME....StaBil and others like 'em are GREAT
products, but not if you OVERTREAT the fuel. The result is the
red jelly (using StaBil) that you see. The stuff's highly
concentrated and you only need an ounce or two in a gallon
of gas. You may need to soak that carb now in a good carb
cleaner for 30-40 minutes and then blow out real good with
compressed air and carb spray. If you're real lucky, some carb
spray cleaner will clean the jelly out good enough to get it
running again as it should. Best of luck and let us know how
you make out. If you can find this product in your area...Try
a product called "Sea Foam" as a stabilizer and cleaner in the
fuel...You'll like it !!! GOOD STUFF !!!!!

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Data Guy
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Thumbs up More is not better!

Well that would explain what happened to the fuel. I most likely added it to the fuel at the end of last season, then when I pulled it out this summer it make sure it was ok I probably added more, oops! I went out and picked up some carb cleaner; put it back together and it started right up. It ran for a few minutes and stopped. Pulled it apart and found some small chucks still coming from the fuel. I will have more time this weekend and I will pull off the fuel tank and fuel line. Then I will give everything a good cleaning. Well I guess more isnít always better, huh! Iím sure once I get everything flushed out I will be blowing snow into my neighbors yard just fine, but a little wiser.
Thanks guys for all your help.

Data Guy

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Tecumcman - that's great information! Thanks. I have caught myself double-dosing my gasoline with Stabil by accident just like Data Guy did. I've never had any problems but I just may have dodged a bullet, too.

I must say that I think Stabil does a very good job of keeping the fuel "fresh" for months. Pretty good stuff.
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I had the same problems (not including the over-stabil) until I came across a method that works for me.

At the end of winter, I run the snowblower dry. Then I remove the bowl and clean out the carb using a carb cleaner spray. Down the throat, up the riser, etc. I'll always get a little yellow varnish in the paper towel.

Then when fall ends, I do another cleaning just like above, fill it with stabilized gas, and run it. It helps to start it every 2 weeks to make sure it still works, and to freshen the fuel in the bowl.

Also, be careful how you put the bowl back on. The recessed deep end goes where the float tips down to.
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Data Guy
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Teddymines-I think thatís a great ideal. One of the reasons I started using the fuel stabilizer was in response to a problem I had with one of my other engines. I would drain out the gas and run it dry at the end of the season. Then one spring when I pulled it back out I found that the float after being in contact with the bottom of the bowl had caused a reaction (electrolysis I guess). I ended up with a hole in my bowl and in the float! You wouldnít think aluminum and brass would react but for some reason they did. Thatís when I switched to using fuel stabilizers instead of running it dry. I think Iím going to follow your advise and pull it apart and give it a good cleaning before I put it away this year.

Data Guy

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