Engine Stalling Problem


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Question Toro snowblower stalling

This unit starts right up immediately but runs for only a minute and then stalls. The gas and oil (not mixed) are fresh and it has a small dose of STP gas treatment. It has no air filter. The bowl is clean and jet lines are clear. The float appears to ride free. It is a new plug as well. It seems to starve for fuel and then have it when it stalls and the bowl refills but seems to use what is in the bowl and not get refilled? I need a good two stroke book. It only has two jets > one on the side and one on bottom. They have had no effect as I have tweaked them individually and together without progress. Thoughts? Hate to send it for a tuneup when it starts so easilly.
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Hello racket7!

What kind of engine does this have? I can't tell by your post whether it is a 2 or 4 stroke. You mentioned a 2 stroke book, but also that the oil and gas are not mixed. A 2 stroke takes mixed gas/oil.
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(Assuming a 4-stroke engine)

A couple things come to mind. Does your engine have a primer bulb, or is there a vent on the carb body directly above the bowl? The vent must be clear (as mentioned in another thread) in order for the fuel to flow freely into the bowl.

Have you tried cleaning out the carb with spray or compressed air? It is possible that there are fine particles lodged in an orifice that you cannot see.

Another possibility is a stuck fuel inlet needle valve. When this happens, the float rises, the needle gets stuck in the closed position, the float drops as fuel is used, and fuel cannot flow into the bowl. The solution is to replace the seat and the needle valve.

It definitely sounds like a fuel flow problem. As a last resort, you may want to consider buying a rebuild kit.
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Arrow great replies... were appreciated. Cking..

I will get the specifics on the engine type, size, and model. It is a restored junker... maybe junked for this reason? I didn't want to pull the carb in the cold so I just dropped the bowl when I checked it. Yes, I did blow out the carb (hand bike pump fit on the carb in-line great) so it seemed that it should be clean but I see your point. No bulb on this... but I will look for the other line. Tank has a fine screen at the "out" so it didn't appear to need further filtering. I cannot imagine this needing mixed fuel.... but engine specs will tell. It starts so well... gotta be a simple thing.

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