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Toro Snowblower dies in gear

I have a Toro 524 (model #38040). It seems to have some kind of swtich to prevent you from starting it while it is in gear. It was running fine until the fuel line craked. Somehow, during the replacement of the line (or maybe just coincidence) something happend and now it won't stay running when I put it in gear. It does not sound like it is dieing under load. It really sounds like it just cuts out when I move the gear shift. As soon as I move the gear lever off the nuetral switch, it dies.

Where and what do I look for? I know if may not be "preferred" but can I just bypass the switch and make sure I always start in neutral - and if so, how?
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Hello pjaffe!

I can't give specific instructions to your machine...I don't see many snowblowers in S GA.

Is this electric start? If so, does the switch that keeps the engine from starting allow the engine to crank/spin, but not start, or does it keep it from cranking/spinning altogether?

If it keeps it from cranking altogether, then that switch is probably not the problem. There may be some other safety switch, maybe on a hand lever control, that normally allows neutral operation, but not operation in gear unless that switch is activated.

I hope this helps...If you need more help, I'll be glad, but you will have to describe the controls and switches to me as if I'd never worked on one....'cause I haven't..LOL
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To tell if the engine is being cut off electrically, you could use an automotive timing light. Connect one end to the spark plug and the other to the block. You can start the engine and see the light strobing with each spark. If you put it in gear and the light goes off and stays off, then a switch is grounding the electrical system out. If it keeps strobing as it dies, then it is not a safety switch issue (carb may be too lean).

If result #1 happens, which I think is the case based on your post, then you need to figure out which safety switch is not acting properly. This can be very difficult if you don't have a schematic to tell you which switches are normally open or closed.

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