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B&S 8HP..Starts with High rev's and stops

Snowblower B&S 8HP, Model 190402, Type 0812-01

Starts with 2 conditions:
1. Starts at a slow rev and builds up to high and stops.
2. Starts at high rev's and stops.

I have cleaned the tank, new cap, filter & gas lines. New carb parts [float & needle valve etc] float had to be adjusted to stop gas from flowing out carb after stopping. Now this prob.

Can anyone suggest a fix or what I should look at? I have looked at the govenor linkage to make sure it has free movement.
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Hello j99a!

When you checked the governor linkage, did you notice if the link that goes to the carb throttle is actually connected to the throttle? Move the throttle control lever to the idle position, then move the governor linkage by hand. Does it return to the original position every time you release it? If not, then your throttle shaft is probably gummed up or sticking.

If that wasn't the problem, move the throttle control lever to full speed. The governor linkage should be harder to move now, but still return quickly to the original position when you release it. If it does not feel like there is much spring tension on the linkage, then the governor arm tension spring behind the throttle control box on the side of the engine has broken or fallen off.

This definitely sounds like a governor problem. Hopefully it is an external problem rather than internal. If all external governor controls check out ok, and the carb throttle shaft is not sticking, then you likely have a bad governor that has worn to the point that it no longer is contacting the gov. control arm. When this happens, it usually happens all-of-a-sudden.

Let us know what you find!
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The float should be level with the bottom of the carb. If you had to set it any other way then you have a problem with the needle and seat, debris or bad needle and or seat. Be sure the gasket is good where the carb. mounts , also be sure the gasket didnt fall down while you were bolting carb on. Does it stop with no load on engine ?
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Mastertk TN
Been done to your area a few times in the last few years and love it.

There is no load on the engine. This old ~29 yrs, engine you start with the throttle rod pulled up to the max to start, so when it starts you are basically at max rev's. But mine now with the two conditions, I don't know which will appear when I try to start it. But in each case I never get, to get the choke off before it stops. With the low rev condition you need the choke on to keep it running, but when it snaps into high rev's it stops almost instanteously.
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with a engine this old I guess any thing is possible, with that in mind i would check the compression. If the comp. is to low it can not pull fuel from the carb. into the combustion chamber, also that would explain why it runs with the choke on. Briggs dont give spec.s on compression, but this engine should have at least 50 lbs, around 70 to 80 would be good. I am still wondering about the float, if you set the float to low you may not be getting enough fuel in the carb. bowl. Did you go all the way through the carb. and clean all the passage ways and all the jets. keep me posted. oh, dont forget to check the compression

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