will not start


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will not start

I'm fixing a snow machine for a buddy and it will start with a new spark plug in it and run fine and you can also shut it off and start it right away.If you let it sit for a while and then go to start it you can't get it going unless you change the plug.He changed the coil and it made no differenceat all.He also said he cleaned the carb.Would this be a fire problem or a fuel problem?
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Hello Racer!

It sounds to me like the carb is leaking gas into the cylinder while the engine is not running, causing the plug to foul with wet gas. Is the plug wet when you remove it? If so, time to change the float, needle, and/or seat.

Let us know what you find.
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Would the carb be able to leak into the engine when shut off?This carb is fed by a diaphram style fuel pump so would it get enough fuel when it is shut off to run into the cylinder and foul the plug?
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It sure could from pressure building in the tank or a sifle effect. IF you could give us more info on the engine we mite be able to help more. what brand , what horse power , model # type or spec. # ser. #
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The machine is a 1986 Yamaha Bravo with a single cylinder 250cc engine.It has a float style carb.

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