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Question tiller won't till

Hi again,
I have a poulan tiller that has stopped rotateing its tines and think its probably a broken chain inside the houseing that runs from the drive pully to the tines. I don't know if it has a chain or what but does anyone know what I may be getting into if I start to take it apart?
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it could be something as little as a shear pin
try to find manual

did you hit something hard and it stopped?
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Hi, thanks for responding.
I didn't hit anything at the time and the tiller was given to me by my father so there's no telling whatever happened to the manual.
I've been looking for a poulan site that list parts or info for their tiller but no luck on that.
The drive pulley wheel that goes to drive the tines turns freely in my hand so I think something inside the houseing went.
Is it a drive chain inside?
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Hello khougi!

Yes...most AYP tillers have chains and gears inside the case. It is a pain to access them on most of them. You can go to and click on parts and find a tiller that looks like yours and get an exploded view. (poulan and craftsman are made by the same people). One way to see if you have sheared a tine key is to look at the shaft that goes through the middle of the tines while you engage them. If the shaft is turning, but the tines aren't, then a pin is sheared. If the shaft is not turning, then you have internal problems.

The gearcase on most of these is 2 pieces of stamped metal bolted together. The engine, tine shroud, handlebars, tines, wheels, and most everything has to be removed just to get the case to split apart.

Let us know if we can further help!
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tiller parts

Well hi again
I took the tiller apart after going to the sears site and not finding any tiller anywhere like it. I tried model number search so I guess I'll call them and inquire. The drive case is creased together with no access by undoing bolts or anything. (sealed) so I guess I have to buy the whole section if I can find it. I also can't get the main drive shaft out of the case body. Thanks for helping.
I don't know if you remember helping me with a murray lawn tractor starter a couple months ago but I have had it checked at Autozone and the bearing is dragging. Have not been able to locate any parts for it either. The site for the Briggs & Stratton list models other than the one I have so I have to call them in person to find out about it. Always seems to be something.
Thanks again.
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Yes...I remember you!

I guess I jumped the gun a bit assuming which tiller you had. I started thinking of the really common one, but it sounds like you have a smaller one. Is it old? I only remember poulan having their name on the larger counter-rotating rear tine tillers with FWD and REV drive wheels. If the unit is sealed, then replacement is probably the only option.

BTW: Most any small engine repair shop should have the replacement bearing for your starter. It is cheap, easy to install, and the top one is usually the only one that gives trouble.
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The tiller may not be worth pursuing. The whole tiller box is
usually very expensive. If it was rebuildable, the job can
be a nightmare, I don't plan on doing another anytime soon.

Post the model numbers off of your engine, and give us some
details like, whether or not the engine will turn over with the
spark plug removed. Many "starter" problems are mis-diagnosed
and the repair is often simple and cheap.
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hiya, the mower engine does not turn at all unless I do it by hand so its not froze up. The starter I had checked at autozone and the bearing was what they said it sounded like when it spun with current. Should I put it back on and see if jumping around the coil does any good. Do coils go weak and not supply enough current to starters. I had jumper cables hooked up from the truck to the mower so I now it had enough juice for the mower to start if things were working right. The parts supply at B&S don't show a starter for my model number but the one below it. My model number on the plate is 460707 type 2278E1 code 0001055B. and I bought it 04/22/01 from Homedepot.
Thanks for all the help guys.
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Yep-that is a 20 HP twin cylinder engine. The starter on that engine is the same as any other twin opposed cylinder Briggs engine. This is an extremely common part, and you should not have any trouble finding it if you are dealing with a competent supplier. Try using model # 461707, 463707, 42D707, 42D777, or any model # starting with 42 or 46. They all take the same starter. The top bushing usually goes bad on these starters, and is easy to change and does create problems. If you can wiggle the top shaft of the starter back and forth, then I would replace that bushing.
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I am not sure what you mean by "coil". With the starter on the
tractor, take your jumper cables and put one red lead on the
post of the starter, the other red end and black end on the
battery, then touch the last black lead on a metal spot on the
bottom of the engine. If the engine turns over ok with the
plugs in, then your starter is ok. Try this then let us know.
The ignition coil, has nothing to do with the cranking part,
just creating spark to the plugs, and no voltage should ever be
applied to the system or you will damage it.
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yet a different tiller problem

Hi again guys, hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years.
I got a price on the tiller transmission, almost 200 bucks. To much for the shape the rest of the tiller is in. My father gave me an old tiller he had that was in working order but he couldn't keep it running. Its an old Troybilt rear tine must be at least 20 years old. I can't get it's tines out of gear to work on the engine to see if I can make it work. The only info I got from Troybilt is ways to contact service centers.
BTW, the lawn tractor after fumbleing around in the paper work turns out to be one of the ones with a 2 yr warranty on the engine so I got it back to Homedepot for service. I'll let you know if it was the Starter or not for sure.
Hate to bother you all the time but your the only advice givers I know.
Thanks for your help.
ps I'll attach a photo of the old tiller in question.

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