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I have a Sears 3.5 hp snow thrower, it didn't start this year. I got a carb repair kit, put carb back on engine ( I noticed a small crack in the fuel fitting on the carb). It still didn't start and there was a small gas leak the the fuel fitting. I removed the plastic fitting, how do I install the new fitting which has metal part that is in the carb. And why didn't the engine start?
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Fuel Fitting Removal


The metal piece that's still in the carb MUST be removed.
This is a "pressed in" fuel fitting, and the plastic piece is
just the barb for the fuel line to fit onto. The metal piece
still stuck in there is the "press in" part. Here's a good way
to pull this piece out....Get a 1/4 bolt about 2-3 inches long,
a 1/4-20 tap, a 1/2" nut, a 1/4-20 nut and 1/4 flat washer.
Tap the inside of the remaining metal piece to give it some
threads. Put 1/2 nut first, then 1/4 washer, 1/4 nut, and
on the threads of the bolt. Thread the bolt into the metal
fitting piece still in the carb to where it gets a good bite.
Turn the 1/4 nut and as you turn it, the washer pries
against the 1/2 nut literally pulling the fitting out as you go.
This is a simple little tool to make, and works well. If you
would like a "picture" of this, send me a FAX number, and
I'll be glad to send you a picture of what this looks like.


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