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Snowblower NO Power under load

I have a MTD 5/24 snowblower with a tecumseh engine. It seems to loose power when I blow snow deeper that 3". Also can hear the engine loose power when I just engage the auger. I blower is about 5yrs. old with very little use. It seems to get worse every season. When it stalls out under a load it will back fire. Is there any adjustments to make to make the engine run faster. The snows getting deep!

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Did you leave old fuel in it season to season? Might have trash in the carburetor.

A 5HP blower is actually pretty puny, but shouldn't quit under load like that.
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Hello hrprez!

I agree...it is most likely a carb problem....either trash in it, or it needs to be richened up a bit. The backfire you described indicates a lean air/fuel mixture.

Let us know what you find.
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no power

I cleaned out the carb in the fall. I was having a problem starting, but cleaned the holes in the screw in the bottom of the bowl screw and it worked. It seems this power problem gets worse every year. I can't seem to find any adjustments on the carb It's a Tecumseh HSS50K engine. Am I missing the adjustment somewhere?
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Several Possibilities

Hello hrprez

Engine power problems can be caused by any of several possibilities. The carb may not be the problem.

A dirty air or fuel filter can be one of two potential problems. Another could be stale fuel or a restricted fuel flow problem.
Another could be engine timing.
Others could be throttle linkage adjustments, governor linkage and or throttle cable or throttle adjustments.
Binding of the power driven auger or any part of the power drive system could be the problem.
A defective or restricted muffler could be the problem.

To determine if the problem is in the power train, how does the engine run disengaged? Does the engine run from idle to full power without stalling or hesitations? Has any recent repairs or services been done besides the carb cleaning? Have you cleaned the fuel passages within the carb?

There are plenty of potental problems. There are plenty of unknown answers to questions. To determine the exact cause will require more detailed info supplied to the small engine professionals and diagnostic work for you to perform.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies.

Regards & Good Luck. Tom_B.
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The blower seems to run fine under no load. Throttle acts ok when moved. I have noticed when it bogs down, blue flames from the muffler, then it stalls out. Will start up with no problem. How do I know it it is idleing fast enough?
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My first guess is still a lean-run condition. You may have a vacuum leak around the intake or carb gasket, a carb problem, blocked fuel cap vent, restricted fuel line, etc...

Try loosening the fuel cap when it starts to die. If it speeds back up, then you have a blocked vent in the cap. What you are describing is a classic case of a fuel starved engine. There are no air/fuel adjustments on this carb. If it gets out of whack, it is because of a blockage or severe wear. Most of the time its a blockage...or partial blockage.

Look up into the hole that the bowl screw goes into. There should be a small tube inside. If it is plastic, use some needle nose pliers and pull it out...being careful not to pinch or deform it. There are 2 tiny "o" rings at the top of this tube. Replace them if they look old or gummy. Also make sure the holes in this tube are clear. This may be where your problem is. All the cleaning in the world won't help if these "o" rings are shot.
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Thanks, I will take the carb apart again and check the holes and everything is cleaned.

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