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Gas or Electric Leaf Blowers???

I've never had one before and don't have the time to rake all the leaves up. We want a blower/vaccum for all of the leaves in our yard. Which brand/model do you recommend? Craftsman? Black and Decker? Toro? Electric or gas? What are some issues and problems with blowers? What is the most I should pay? We want a nice, quiet blower.
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Hello incub8!

The answer depends on a few things, like how big of a yard do you have, how much of a factor is the weight of the machine, how often will it be used, and how capable of doing small repairs are you?

If you have a large yard with lots of leaves, then a gas powered blower would probably suit you most. 100s of feet of extension cords gets to be a pain to deal with. Gas blowers are more prone to trouble though usually. They don't like to be stored for long periods of time without being used. They require maintainence, like tune-ups, air-filters, etc... They cost more. They are usually a bit noisier. They are also usually a bit heavier.

On the other hand, you don't have to mess with extension cords, they are usually more powerful, much more versatile, more mobile, and more of a pleasure to use.

If you do go gas-powered, let the price be somewhat of an indicator of quality. If you want dependability and longevity, then go for a stihl or echo. They are pricey, but will outlast the cheaper craftsman/toro/weedeater/homelites many fold in most cases. This info is based on my experience as a small engine repair service owner, and others may have other experiences, but the cheap blowers just don't present any value. Sometimes they only last one season. Especially the craftsman/weedeater/poulan (all made by the same company). They also tend to be hard to start at the beginning of the next season. The higher-end blowers seem to give much less trouble when you try to start them next fall.

Hopefully this info will help you get the product that you need, and avoid the one you don't. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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small yard..

Thanks, I have a small yard and want to spend very little for a decent blower/vaccum. We don't want the noise so we are thinking electric. The power cord will not be a big deal since I don't think I will be using it that much. Are the electric blowers reliable? Can I get away with a $50 blower from walmart, sears, of target?

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I think you will get along just fine with a low-priced blower if you are getting an electric one. Especially if you aren't using it on a large piece of land. As far as brands go, I can't reccomend one in electric power, since I deal only with gas ones. Find the one you like the most...electric blowers are pretty reliable so you should be satisfied with any brand as long as it is comfortable to use.

Take care!
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Black and Decker

Picked up a Black and Decker electric from Home Depot for $49. I was torn between this and the Toro. Got this becuase it was less expensive. (By $10) About 200 mph 12 amp blower,vac and mulcher. Will see how much it sucks and how much it blows. Which actually is a good thing.
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If you go wife electric, you may want to consider a shop vac that doubles as a blower.

It is a compromise, but if you need both, it might be a good option for you.

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