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Attn: Fish, Cheese, & Mike

Small engine experts:

I am looking at the following item # on Ebay:

2082341464. Just go to and plug in that item #.

The seller will drop it off at my sister's for free if I win. What do you think?


1) Belt drive---does this replace chain drive? All the Sears units (made by Murray, vendor #536) I have used have been chain drive (or they sound like it). Advantages/disadvantages on this one?

2) Do you think this one is a good buy? What would you pay? It is a 2 stage unit. I have heard two stage units blow the snow better as they have the extra force of the back blower to shoot the snow out of the chute.

3) Any other opinions, comments, welcome.

Thank you gentlemen.
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Hi Joe!

I can't really help much here...I don't know much of anything about snowblowers. It does sound like a fair price at this point, and it is a good name brand. The only thing I noticed in the pics was that the left tire is flat. Belt drive is usually smoother and less trouble than chain drive. If the big toro tillers can transmit power effectively via belts, then surely the snowblowers can do well with belts too. The engine on this machine is one of Tecumsehs' better ideas if I am identifying it correctly from the pics. Good luck!
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Thumbs up

Thanks Cheese. I'm in contact with the seller and he is 10 minutes from my sister.

I will be at my sister's for the holidays, so I will work it out with this guy.

Turns out he has 4 trailers full of tools and equipment, so I will go up there to have a look!!!

He also has 10 snowblowers to chose from. I'll keep you posted.
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What's a snowblower?????

LOL; it was COLD here today - barely made 70!
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Snowblower, n; ---Device that removes snow in a jiffy. Makes your neighbors envious when you are done and brushing it off and they are still digging their cars out .

Lol. We have only had one storm thus far, but you buy these things for the long haul, not one season.
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Attn: Cheese, T-man, Mike or Fish

Quick question, actually two.

I have two Sears snowblowers (I don't have the model #s handy, but both are "536" Murray/Noma made Craftsmans, 22" cut) that I need to service. Do you guys (T-man might off the top of his head) know the engine oil capacity of them? It's a 5HP Tecumseh, probably a Snow King model on both. Same 20oz as my 3.5 Tecumseh AYP/Sears mower?

I can lookup the J19LM gap in my Champion book, so I'm good there. Any idea what else I should service on the machine while I have it?

I used a blower that someone is storing at my grandfather's and it's got some dirty oil in it. New machine, what a shame! My next door neighbor's could use some TLC too.

Want to keep them in top running order in case of bad winter. Already got 5" of snow here today. Worked like a charm!

Second question: The newer one of the bunch states 5W30 oil is used on the sticker on the machine. I have a quart of Mobil 1 5W30 that someone gave my grandfather (it's new and sealed). Am I asking for trouble using synthetic in a small engine like this? I have one odd quart, so I want to use it up, otherwise it would get 10W30 dino oil .

I have the booklet for the neighbor's (he has it), but I don't have the one for the unit at my granddad's. However they are the same unit, the one at my granddad's is a newer model in my belief.

Thanks fellas.
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I still haven't gotten to this one yet. Lol. With the holidays here and me being sick, it has to wait .
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Uh-oh....the weather got you down?

I hope you get better soon!

I have oil capacity specs for several engines...but not on ANY Tecumsehs. Sorry.

I hope you are feeling well for the new year!
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Don't know how I got the cold Cheese. Lol. I have been feeling under the weather for a bit. I am usually very resilient with sickness and if I get sick once a year, that's alot .
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I decided to be a good Samaritan and service the machine that has been left at my grandfather's for storage, since I use it. LOL.

I decided to change the oil and clean the spark plug/regap it.

What a mess to change the oil on the 5 HP Tecumseh Snowking on a Sears (#536 Murray made) machine!!! They use a pipe with a cap as a drain outlet. Of course, the cap wouldn't come off the pipe, so I removed the pipe, which of course meant oil everywhere .

After cursing, cleaning up and wiping down, I refilled it with synthetic 5W30 (since I had an unsealed quart) and all is well now.

What a PITA. If I have one of these in the future, I'm going to make sure that the cap comes off so I can use the pipe to drain the oil away from the machine. What a mess!!!

The oil was dark and dirty. I'm glad I gave it a servicing. It amazes me how people will not care for a 700 dollar machine with a little simple TLC!!!

As luck would have it, I did it in anticipation of a big snowstorm to hit the NYC area. Didn't get squat to shovel. All turned to rain! LOL

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