Engine Running Problem


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I will try that and I will let you know how it goes.
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Tundra problems

You can try running the machine until it is ready to bog out then prime it to see if will continue to run. Most likely not. That would mean you are getting too much gas at that range of speed. So you can set that with your air screw on the carb. If you are still getting too much gas, try changing your primer with a spare one. Use a spare because there may not be a problem with the old primer. You may feel this may not be an issue but if you did not know, the primer system works on a sealed vacuum system, if there is a small leak on your primer, your carb will continue to gain excess gas from the primer line that is directly linked to the main gas line on every small engine. If this works then you will have to set your air screw on the carb to factory settings. Every machine does not run on factory settings. You must raise your machine and set by manually running the engine and tune to your ignition system that would be checking the plugs after running full throttle for about a minute. When the plugs burn brown is a perfect setting and the factory settings would be a great guide to use to fine tune your machine. The settings afterward should be very close to the factory settings. To troubleshoot your electrical system is very simple. This is used to find a short within your electrical system. Disconnect all your lights/key/power button/hand and thumb warmers/emergency toggle switch systems and leave only your coil system connected and run your machine to get a feel for the machine and to determine if the machine is running well. Then connect the light and other systems one by one to find a difference within those connections. There are other ways of finding electrical issues but you will need the proper tools and gauges/meters to be tested properly by a professional technition. Another simple suggestion for your oil injection is to disconect it permanantly and run your motor with mixed gas this will eliminate any oil issues permanantly. Fuel and Oil mixture should be as follows: 5gallons gasoline-500ml of 2 cycle premix oils. Shake and mix well. To remove your oil injection you must close the smallest oil line, the largest oil line, and disconnect the wired line directly connected to your main throttle line. This post for oil injection should only be used by 2 cycle engines and only as high as 440cc models. Good Luck!
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Whew, an 10 year old blast from the past.

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