motor locks up


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motor locks up

I have a tecumseh I #H70-130176D SER 8?32C the ? is due to a hole drilled for an electric start. This is on a snow blower.

I started the snow blower and made it 20 feet and the motor locked up and could not be pulled over at all.

I checked the machine over and determined the problem was in the engine and not the auger, etc.
I removed the head and pull start looking for some thing to give me a clue to the problem. I then put a little reverse pressure onto the flywheel and the motor moved. I then moved it in the right direction and it turned over good. In fact I put it back together and started it up. It ran for about 2 or 3 minutes and locked up tight again. I never put it in gear , just running in place.

I removed the motor and pulled it apart looking for whatever. I removed the side cover, camshaft, flywheel, in fact I am down to every thing is out except the valves.

I did find that crankshaft bearing on the flywhell side seems to be scored up good. The crank is scored a little.

My question is, Will this type of damage cause the motor to just lock up tight, and I assume after it cools down to be able to be moved again?

I thought it would knock and make some noise if this was the problem, but it has no noise or anything abnormal until it just quits. Thanks guys.
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Hello cheecomydog!

It sounds like your engine probably was run low on oil to cause the damage to the main bearing. It probably is what is causing it to lock up. Sounds like you're in need of an engine .

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