Getting torqued!


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Getting torqued!

I think this should be a simple question about torque values. Here goes . . .

If a guy were to use a typical wrench (either box or open end) that is exactly 12 inches long from the centerline of the bolt or stud to the connection point of a scale and pulled on this scale exactly 1 pound - this would be one ft/lb or twelve in/lb of torque. Correct?

If this is correct, then a guy could divide the in/lb torque specification number by 12 and establish the ft/lb torque requirement. Yes?

I'm seeing more and more torque specifications given in inch-pounds for small engine repair. I don't have an inch-pound torque wrench. All I have is a foot-pound torque wrench and I'm concerned about the conversion process.
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Try yahoo search, "torque conversion chart"
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Yes your exactly go from ft/lb to inch/lbs multiply by go from inch/lbs to ft/lbs divide by 12.

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