Zero Radius Mower.

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Performin Norman
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Best Buy on a Zero Radius Residential mower.

I currently have a 42inch Craftsman lawn tractor. I don't like it at all. It has a factory flaw that I don't like. I have wanted a zero radius for a long time. I have looked at a ton of them. If you have any input, please let me know. I'm going to pick one up this spring. Maybe sooner.

Thanks for your input in advance.
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Zero Turn Mowers


ZTR's are simply....GREAT !! Using a ZTR actually makes it
FUN to cut the grass, but the greatest aspect is the time
you save using one. You'll 2-3 times the grass in the same
amount of time it took with your 42" Craftsman tractor.

It all depends on what you want to spend for one ?? Many
manufacturers are coming out with "homeowner" targeted
ZTR's. Toro will introduce a couple of new models in 2003
that will begin in the $2600 range, I'm told. If you would
want a more "commercial grade", be prepared to START in
the $4500 and up range. If you're cutting an acre or two or
less....go with the consumer model. More than that....the
commercial models will hold up much better. I mow 5-6
acres with a Toro 52" commercial ZTR. It's been the BEST
$6000 I EVER spent, and has saved me countless hours
of mowing time. I'm at 600 hours and going strong. All
you can do is "CHECK 'EM OUT" and make a decision that
BEST serves your needs and wallet. You'll ALWAYS pay
MORE for a ZTR mower, will convince you, early on,
that it was an excellent investment. BEST WISHES !!!

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Gravely is bringing out a homeowner ZTR as well which you
should look at in the same price range. You will find that with
a ZTR you can cut your mowing time in half or better, depending
on the yard.

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