Elect Start for Snow Blower


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Elect Start for Snow Blower

I have a snow blower with a 6 hp engine.
Would like to add an electric start.
There is an ad for a used 5 hp electric start and I am wondering if this would work.
Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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Not all models can take electric start. I would gather if you contacted the engine company (Tecumseh or Briggs), they could tell you.

I'm going to be looking at an older 6HP Craftsman soon (which Murray made for Sears) and I'll be investigating that. However, most snowblowers start very easily, making electric start really unnecessary.
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Adding Elec Starter

As Joe F indicated, the starter is no good to you if there
isn't a ring gear on your flywheel. If your engine HAS
this feature already....the 5HP (HSK50) and 6HP (HSK60) if
Tecumseh powered, will accept the SAME starter motor.
Another issue to consider....if your flywheel has a ring gear,
and you add this starter, you still have NO CHARGING SYSTEM.
Therefore, to use the electric starter would require you
charging the battery before using it. As long as you can do
this, you'll be OK. A fully charged battery will start the engine
several times before it would need charging up again.

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I have installed several electric starts on the smaller blowers and they were all AC starters. (No battery)
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Hello DAmbr!

Am I understanding correctly that you want to install a 5hp elec. start engine in place of your 6hp non elec. start engine? Or are you just wanting to install the starter? If you want to swap engines, it may work, but there are many variables.

The mounting bolt pattern needs to match, the crank length and diameter need to match. Any keyway and/or threads on the shaft need to match. Throttle controls, choke, etc... may take adapting to make the swap work. Then, you have to round up the stuff to wire up the engine, and a battery, and a place to mount it if there isn't one. (unless it is an AC starter). It can be a lot of hassle and not really worth it, especially since you'd be losing 1hp.

If you are just wanting to install the electric starter on your engine, it may not be so easy. Different engines take different starters. What are the make and models of each engine?
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Electric Starters


Certainly, most snowblower starters ARE 120V. The poster
did not specify 12V or 120V. Either way....he STILL NEEDS
a ring gear on the flywheel, so it would need to be added,
also. Thanks for your post !!

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Have you had any luck with the starter project? Check out this site. This is the type of starters I have installed on the snowblowers.

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Tcumcman, would a 120 volt starter that fits an HSSK 50 also fit a H60? Thanks in advance......Mike
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HSK50 Starter vs H60 Starter


Though very close to being same...THEY ARE NOT. The
mounting brackets are different, and as such, WOULD NOT
contact flywheel ring gear. HS/HSK50 replacement is 33290D.
H50/60/70 replacement is 33328D.

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Flywheel swap

I have a Tecumseh engine, the flywheel #611112 ( daimeter 17 cm ) and I'm looking for a new flywheel for electric starter #35709. Thanks,

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