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Question licence

I want to start my own little busniess nothing major just maybe sharpning some chainsaws and selling some accesories for chainsaws and some chainsaws themselves and repaires on them but i need to know how to get dealers licence to buy my parts and accesories for my busniess and get a busniess licence and what type if there is any i hope i'm explaining this right thanks for the help
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You'd have to contact a parts supplier and establish an account with them so you could buy at a discount and sell at retail.

In turn, that supplier or OEM company may require you to do certain things---stock certain parts, take certain classes, have certain training, have a building with their logo, etc, etc, etc.

You might start by contacting some parts companies or suppliers through the Internet. would be a good search engine to start with.

Good luck.
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The first thing that you will need is a state sales tax number,
if it applies to your state. Good credit will help too. There
may be local business liscences you will need, but none for
being a chainsaw/small engine dealer. Let me know what part of
the country you are in and I can give you some numbers of some
To be a viable, yearlong business, you will want to look at
working on mowers, as it is more profitable, in addition to chainsaws.
Let me know
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I have just recently started a lawn mower repair shop (out of my garage for now). Here in Alabama I had to get a state tax exempt number, a city business license and a state business license. I also had to get forms from the city, county and state to show(and pay) my different taxes. If you'll tell where you at, I might can help you with parts dealers. Incenditally, I'm not a dealer, just a repair shop. You are also required to keep accurate records.
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My neighbor has an account with an outfit called STENS. They carry most any part he needs and they ship real fast.
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i live in asheboro north carolina i was talking to a friend and he said i could just get bussiess license and that would let me get everything i needed i could by at wholesale but i need to know the right way and i do work on weedeaters and mowers but just got a thing for chainsaws I do need to know the right way
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Check with your local govt to see if you need a city license, and a state license. The main thing that parts suppliers will want is a tax ID#...which you can apply for from your state. This exempts you from paying taxes on business related purchases, and allows you to collect tax when you resell those parts. You will have to send in the taxes collected every quarter or year, depending on state regulations.

I hope it works out for's not normally a trade to get rich in, but if you go the extra mile and treat people right and do god work and stand by it...word of mouth will get you busy.
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If you talk to a representative from Stihl (in my opinion the best make) they should be able to give you all the info you need. My dad had his own chainsaw business for a while, and they set him up. Of course it helped that he is a chainsaw sculptor and they knew who he was, but from what he says, they are very good at helping with the whole enchilada!
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They'll be different policies from distributor to distributor.
some will sell to anyone who has cash
some will sell to anyone who can provide proof that thier a legitimate business no matter how big or small.
Some will sell only to a legitimate business which has a store front
Some will sell only to store front businessess who can exceed a sales quota...

Most distributors require a State Sales Tax "exempt" //"resell" certificate as proof.
Others will only require a local "city" certificate which is usually sold at the town hall.

First call your local town hall and ask for the local requirements to operate a business...

Then start calling distributors or wholesalers and ask to set up an account. They will let you know all specific details...Compare pricing and policies and pick a couple to work with...Choose at least two.. Why? because if you have trouble with one you will have another avenue to purchase parts from.. Also you'll give both distributors a reason to maintain competitive wholesale pricing to you.

Also look into companies which either retail or wholesale online.... Some internet companies offers pricing levels which are equal to or sometimes less than what a small business will pay from a distributor....

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