Snowblower gasoline leak


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Guillermo velas
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Snowblower gasoline leak

I have roper snowblower that I put a new carburator kit but now i find out that when is running leaks a little gasoline. I find out that when is running and hit a big pile of snow wants to stop. thanks
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You need to tell us where the leak is coming from on the carburetor. Likely a wasted needle and seat which is swamping the bowl with fuel. May have been an improper rebuild.
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If the carb. is only leaking when it is running it could be a bowl gasket out of place.
If it is leaking all the time the fuel valve is open it could be a bad seat or a float leaking. It is easy to screw up a seat when you replace it. When you adjusted the float, did it look level on the carb. when you had the carb. up side down.
When you have the float off, shake it to see if there is anything in it.
Be sure the o-ring around the high-speed screw and the bowl drain is in place.


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