wrong gas mixture used


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Angry wrong gas mixture used

Reg. unleaded gas was run through my 2 cylce engine snowblower, and it quit running. Is the motor now completly shot or is their something I can do at home without alot of repair costs? I have minimal experiance in this, but I enjoy tinckering with projects.
Thanks for your help, anyone.
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J A Boggan
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Are you saying that you ran it without oil? If so, is the engine seized up? If it is, I would take the engine apart and look at the piston and cylinder closely. If the cylinder is scored up bad...it may not be economical to repair.
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Yes the gas the person used did not have oil mixed into it and I do believed the engine siezed up. I take it apart and check the piston. Thanks
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Fix it!

Most of the time you will scare the cylinder and lock your rings up with no oil in your gas. Try this before tearing your engine apart; remove spark plug. Fill cylinder with 2-cycle or kerosene. Install spark plug. Allow to set for minimum of two days. Remove recoil and spark plug. Apply wrench to flywheel nut. Turn very slowly; after kerosene has ran out of cylinder fill with 2-cycle gas. continue to turn flywheel until piston moves freely. If you have a chrome cylinder this should correct the problem. This works for me at a inimum expense.
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Thanks I'll give it a shot.

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