snowblower idle problem


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snowblower idle problem

I have an MTD 5hp Tecumseh engine. It has suddenly sstarted to not run when put at full throttle. It begins to bogg down and sputter then die. It will start again with the choke on and run well at partial throttle with the choke off, and will even perform on light snow with it at partial throttle. I did this restart thing several times to clear my driveway and once it backfired when I tried to start it. It seemed to want to run at full throttle, but eventually it would bogg down and die again. Any suggestions would be grateful! I thought I should also mention that I touched what seemed to be a screw on the bottom of where the carb is and it leaked gas. The screw seemed to be spring loaded, but it wouldn't thread to the inside.

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It sounds like a clogged fuel filter. You will have to clean/replace the fuel filter and maybe drain the gas tank.
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5HP Tecumseh Snowblower

It seems you could have 1-3 problems with your 5HP Tecumseh. Always start with the most minor. It could be a sheered key in the flywheel, or a clogged shlacked carbeurator. The most minor is the screw in the bottom of your carbeurator. Remove the bowl from carbeurator. Pinch gas line with channel locks to prevent gas from leaking out. Then remove spring-loaded screw, careful not to loose the brass washer and rubber O-ring under the washer. Clean the screw that goes into bowl with wire brush or lite sandpaper. Look for tiny hole above threads and maybe smallhole in the threads. Clean holes with fine wire. Make sure not to loose fiber washer in between bowl and nut. After cleaning install as was. Adjust bottom screw 1 1/2 rounds out. Start engine full throttle; adjust screw in or out until engine smooths out.
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Hello cstew32!

I agree that you most likely have a fuel problem. Remove the bowl screw and clean out the tiny holes in it and clean the bowl out. This will probably get you going right again.

Let us know!

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