welsh plug

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welsh plug

I have always wondered what a welsh plug is and what is it's purpose? Are they only found on tecumsehs?
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Welsh plugs are used just about everywhere. It's like a pressed in plug that seals off a passage to my knowledge
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Hello mower17!

Welch plugs, as Joe said, are used in many things. Most carbs on most engines have at least one. They can be used to seal or block off passageways, ports, adjusting screws, etc...
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hey mower17...or is it beginner? play games here and you will be tossed as quick as you were from the other sites.....
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DennisG (??)

I am aware of history of many members. Not limited to this forum. I have no problem with ANY member acting civil here. If things get out of hand with ANYONE, it will be taken care of. At this time, Mower17 has given no indication of causing problems. He has helped the forum with his replies to this point, and I have no evidence to expect different. If there is bad blood here, please take it somewhere else. You and Mower17 are both as welcome in this forum as anyone else. Anyone who does not respect this forum, it's members, and mods, will lose membership.

I am closing this thread. Lets let it end with that.
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Hello Topic Readers

I have to agree with cheese. Thus far I have not read anything in violation within this thread. And lets keep it that way too.

This question shall remain closed just as I have found it. Closing it was the correct procedure but it does not restrict me in spite of that fact.

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A welsh plug is used to close a drilled hole that has been made into a carb or other parts body, so a passage way can be drilled into it. The welsh plug is simply a cap used to close the drilled hole.

Welsh plug most likely have to be removed to access tiny drilled passages when they becomed clogged or restricted. Especially those in carbs where gums and varnishes have collected & dried.

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