Toro snow thrower

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Toro snow thrower

Help . Middle of snow storm and both snow blowers aren't going.
I have a Toro S140 38-100 Serial 9053812 which might be easy
to fix. It starts but stops. How do I check the carburator or whatever.
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The first thing I would do is open both L and H speed adjustment screws 1/4 turn more than what they are currently set at. If that doesnt do it we can go from there. 'lint.
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Hi Lint

Did okay for lst try and then kept stalling especially when I put
the choke in.
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Hello Possie!

Remove the bowl screw from the bottom of the carb, pull the bowl off. Clean any water, trash, or gum out of the bowl and look at the bowl screw. There are tiny holes...probably 3 in the sides of that screw. There is also 1 down the center of the screw. These holes must be clear and clean. This should get you going again.
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Hi possie,

Some things to check:

Do you have fresh mix in the tank? Meaning, is it less than a month old?

When you put fuel in it, was there possibly some left in the tank from last season or seasons gone by?

Did you run the fuel out, before last storing it?

What I am getting at is, if you poured good fuel on top of old fuel, it doesnt just mix together and make OK fuel that the engine can run on. The old crap fuel just sits in the carb and fuel line until it gets used up and that can take a while running on choke.

If you think that may be the case, here is what to do. Get some fresh mix. Get rid of what is in the tank.(a turkey baster works good to suck it out.) Look in the tank for trash, get it out. Next remove the High speed adjusting screw, being careful not to lose the spring, brass washer, and rubber o-ring. Now pump the primer and you should see old fuel shooting out of the hole. Keep priming until fuel stops spurting out. Put the needle back in, being careful to put spring, brass washer, and o-ring in that order. Set both the L and the H at 1 1/2 turns out. What all this does is totally get rid of any old fuel that may be in the system.

Now fill the tank with fresh gas. Prime it a few times, and look and see that fuel is reaching the carb.(some times it a few more primes to purge the air caught in the system) Clean or replace your plug and see if it fires up.

If this doesnt work, we go onto the next step... Checking cylinder and carb rebuild. Good luck, 'lint.
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Howard Chewins
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Toro S140

I think a toro s140 is a two cycle blower do you mix gas with oil for fuel

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