SnowBlower dies after 15-minutes of use


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Unhappy SnowBlower dies after 15-minutes of use

Hello all..

What a great forum ! I've read most of what is here and it has given me some ideas I'm going to try to use to fix my problem.

However, I'm hoping someone has seen *my* issue and can help me out.

I've got a Yard Machine / MTD snow blower (Model E665E) with a 10-hp Tecumseh motor. The blower is on it's third winter and has run perfectly till now. AFter running a few hard hours during the killer storm here in Philly, the motor started bogging down. It happens after engaging the auger even when it's not gobbling up snow. After letting it sit over night, I tried it again the next evening. It ran for about 15-minutes and just bogged down and died again. The main thing that seems to make it occur is when the auger is engaged. AFter letting it sit for a few minutes it will start back up easily and idle smoothly. However, when you try to get back into snow blowing... it dies soon after.

Now, the only thing that had changed since before it was running perfectly was that it ran out of gas and I filled it up with the old gas that had been sitting around in the shed from the fall.

Before I go tearing into the carborator, do you think stale gas could be causing it to bog down?

Or,.. by filling the gas tank up to the bottom of the "filler neck" did I cause the problem.

Finally, with all the snow and moisture could some water have gotten into the gas?
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Hello kmarks!

You are on the right track. Drain the stale gas, remove the bowl from the carb, clean the bowl and the holes in the bowl screw, and reassemble and fill with fresh gas. This is most likely your problem. Running it out of gas lets it suck up the last of the debris and garbage in the tank and can stop up the holes in the bowl screw.
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Smile Got her running smooth..

I took the carburetor apart. I cleaned out the bowl and the screw using small engine carburetor cleaner I bought at Home Depot. After putting it all back together, it seemed to run fine. To test the work, I had a section of sidewalk that still had a considerable amount of snow from where the township plow had pushed it. It gobbled up the snow and ran without hesitation.

It looks like this may have been it.

I have two more questions…

When I start the engine cold and get it to a point where I can completely turn off the choke (usually only a few minutes), I set the throttle to ‘full open.’ For a few minutes, the engine, all on it’s own, adjusts the throttle fast to slow for a few minutes until it runs smoothly at full throttle.

What is doing this? I can literally see the throttle line moving from where it attaches to a screw on the front side of the engine—fast to slow.. fast to slow.. over and over. Is this normal?

Finally, what enables the motor to bear down and work harder when the auger proceeds to gobble up snow?

Thanks again for the great advice !!
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Glad you got it going!

The surge you are getting is caused by a lean mixture at high RPM. If you have a mixture screw at the bottom of your bowl, try backing it out 1/4 turn or so. That should do it.

The engine bears down under a load because of the governor. It works on engine RPM. The throttle tells the engine what speed you want it to run at via tension on a spring (the faster you set the throttle, the more tension is on that spring), and the governor helps keep it there. If the engine starts to die down under a load, the governor opens the throttle more. It is centrifugally operated.

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