older engine advice


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older engine advice

Hello all. I am looking for some advice about my older, (poss. mid 70's) Ariens snowblower. Having just spent approx 8 hrs shoveling while looking at my blower which won't run, I am at the end of my rope. My macine has a 5(?)hp tecumseh with the old fashioned points. Of course these points are probably siezed together in fright as we got 2ft of snow up in the NE yesterday. My question is: At one time I wanted to replace the points with one of the more modern electronic modules but was advised not to do this. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It would seem to be so much easier to have the elec. module as pulling that thing apart to mess with the points is a pain. (Although if I do this we probably won't get anymore snow.)
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Does the engine have the coil mounted underneath the flywheel? If so, I have never installed a solid state module one one of these. It may work fine....should work fine.
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That's a good question. As dumb as this sounds I can't remember. I rebuilt this machine about two years ago and haven't had to use it since. Brand new carb and all. Does it make a difference?(Where the coil is?) It has never been the easiest machine to get started, nor has it been that reliable. It runs great once it's started. Getting it started is a practice in frustration. All the other small engines I maintain start and run great. I'm almost tempted to put a new B&S engine on it. Thanks for the comeback Cheese. Much appreciated
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I bought a 1965 Craftsman that didn't sell on Ebay, and got the seller down from 289 to 180. I'm into the machine for under 20 bucks and I figure under a 100 I should have it basically serviced and perfected the way I want it. I'm just particular about everything about it . I've even replaced the missing choke knob with the right button marked "PRIMER" on it,since I didn't like the nut and bolt someone used in place of the OEM part. Trust me, if I could get the OEM decals that are a bit scratched, I would replace them. LOL

I plan on sending my "restoration" to Sears as I did with other anitque equipment I have restore of theirs.

It is a 26", 6HP, two stage. Murray made mine for Sears. I used it once this year, it passed with flying colors and made effortless work out of the snow.

You will not go wrong with an Ariens and those old Snow King engines are bulls. They run well with a little TLC. B&S doesn't have the snow engines wrapped up like Tecumseh does. Every snowblower I know of (excepting a few) are Tecs.

I believe you can get conversion kits for those old ones, but it may be a bit involved to do it. I would like to hear from Mike and T-man on this subject. I would probably do the conversion to my unit down the road when the points go. I believe Petronix among others make a kit.

As memory comes to mind, Phelon or Wico make the OEM ignition system/magneto on this, but T-man or Mike would know a bit better than I would here .

I believe what the trouble surrounds is the dopey "primer" system used back then. It's actually like a double choke more than a primer. Modern Tec engines have the rubber diaphragm primer which I believe starts 'em up faster. I don't think the points versus solid state is the issue here.

I'd bet if you primed it manually (a little ga in the cylinder) or some starter fluid, she'd fire up on the first couple of tries, being stone cold.

Don't lose faith in the old "Chief" (Tecumseh). As the saying goes, they don't build 'em like that anymore.

Even when I called Tec Technical Services the guy was like WOW we he realized the age of the engine I was calling about.

Good luck and stick with it !
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Snow King ign. system

Tec. and Briggs are like Ford and Chevy The ford and Tec. being a little more complex.
Sounds like your old tired engine could use a good tune up. I would give her a good valve job replace the points and condenser and if needed rebuild the carb. The big thing with a good tuneup on a tec. is to time the mag.thats where the complex comes in. after doing this you will have many good years of use.
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Hello boatz, mid "70's Tecumseh will have the coil under the flywheel and will not have the outside the flywheel coil mount. You can use an after market electronic module on this engine and the points can be left in place just unwired. Nothing lost giving it a shot and the extra sure spark can help starting. Most modules not sold specifically for Tecumseh may or may not contain directions for use on Tecumseh and most often the leads are reversed meaning + to - and vice versa. Odd but true. There should be no need to re-time (major pain) if you don't loosen the coil and there is no need to for a module conversion. I would be curious what the compression is on this engine with a wet cylinder. Sounds like this engine needs to be run some to me. Start it a few times by priming with starting fluid or a spot of fuel in the carb and let it get hot. Did you burn the engine in to set the rings when you built it? Sometimes rings seat on starting but others will not seat until burn in......Mike
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If your old H50 or HH50 5hp Tecumseh engine has the magneto with points under the flywheel a simple points and condensor change could make a world of difference. Way back they did make an electronic ignition setup that would bolt bolt right up in place of the old magneto with points under the flywheel. But, finding one of these is near impossible now without paying a fortune for it. Newer Tecumseh engines have the coil (electronic ignition) mounted on 2 studs above the flywheel.

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