Walbro LMS carburetor


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J A Boggan
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Walbro LMS carburetor

I have a walbro carburetor...type-LMS-5 #0208 off of a Briggs & Stratton engine - model# - 100706, type# - 3112-02, code# - 88021125. There isn't any adjustments other than idle speed. Inside the pickup tube there are two small tubes...one is the pickup tube (emulsion tube) and the other seems to be some sort of air vent. The plug at the bottom is just a solid plug. About 3/8" up on the side of the tube (opposite the float seat) there appears to be some sort of metering? hole. It seems to be corroded up. I was wondering if anyone knew what size drill bit I could use to open it up. I will proberly just have to buy a new carburetor however I would like to repair this one if possible.
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You don't have to be that precise with those carbs. Just poke and prod at the hole with some "tag" wire to clean it out. You can also soak it in carb cleaner and blow out with compressed air.

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I agree. You could also soak the metal parts ONLY in Hydroseal, which is a wicked cleaner used on car carburetors .

Be careful and don't get it on your hands. I have used it on GM Q-jets and they came out pretty spotless

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