Discharge Chute clogging...


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Ken S.
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Discharge Chute clogging...


I have an older Craftsman single stage snowblower. The other day the discharge chute kept clogging with snow. Was this due to the outside temperature? Someone suggested it might be caused by a stretched out drive belt not allowing the blade to spin with enough force. Any suggestions on how to avoid this?

Ken S.
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Single stage blowers tend to clog up with any kind of significant snowfall.

The auger that breaks the snow is also expected to shoot it out at a fast speed---that is why the auger turns so fast on a single stage.

On a 2 stage unit, the auger turns slower and breaks the snow feeding it into the impeller. This then shoots out the broken up snow much further and more efficiently.

That's why 2 stage ones cost more and why don't see them struggling in heavy snows like their single stage counterparts. Some dual stage units do not get down to the ground good enough (my 1965 Sears does though!), and that's the only "disadvantage" to a 2 stage one.

Otherwise, dual stage ones are far superior!
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I live where the only snow is the kind in a spray can that you spray on the windows at Christmas, lol. But...if the belt is too loose, it will not have the power to the augers, or the speed that it was designed to operate at. I imagine heavy wet snow would tend to clog more than powder. Check your belt tension when the auger is engaged, and see if it's loose. If not, your machine is likely doing the best job it can.

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