featherlite trimmer


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featherlite trimmer

My featherlite trimmer will start and run, but I cannot get it to accelerate. It will only idle. I have cleaned the carb and put a kit in it, but same thing. I also cleaned the muffler and put in a new spark plug. ???????????
Thanks for your help, you all have helped out before and I really appreciate it. Keep up the good work

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Hello Ralbon, fuel starvation most likely. If it has a low speed carb screw (should be marked with an L) come out on it a half turn and give a try. If it only has one screw come out on it a half turn and give a try. If the screw/screws are wildly out of adjustment GENTLY bottom them out and come out 1 1/2 turns out each. If it will wind up now give it a final tweaking and happy trimming. If you feel the carb is in good working condition look for blocked filter in the tank and any blockage that could prevent fuel flow. Check the condition of the gas cap vent. It must vent the tank to allow fuel to flow from it......Mike
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Check to see if the throttle cable is actually opening and closeing the throttle plate? The cable on those can bind and can slip out of their holder. 'lint.

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