Carburetor Problem


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Tecumseh H35 Flooding

I have a TroyBilt Mulcher/Chipper with a Tecumseh H35 engine. It has sat in the shed for a number of years, so I rebuilt the carb before I used it. After the rebuild, the carb floods and fuel spills out of the vents and air intake. Could the new seat or needle have been defective? I took it apart again, and everything appears to be OK and clearances are set per the manual.
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H35 Flooding

There are only a couple of things that can make one flood....
Float is set too low (too close to carb body), needle/seat is
installed incorrectly, float has a pinhole in it, or the carb bowl
is not venting. You indicate that fuel is flowing out of the
vent tube or passageway, so we can eliminate that. It's got
to be a float heighth problem, fuel in float, or needle/seat
is installed improperly. If you have a repair manual, and have
followed installing the inlet needle by it, then you're back to
a float issue.

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One thing I have found to watch out for: The old rubber seat is sometimes stuck pretty well to the carb body. When you get it out, pieces or chunks sometimes are left behind, up in the fuel inlet. When you install the new seat, it doesn't seal well due to this. Check this if the things Tcumcman mentioned don't pan out.
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Remaining Seat Pieces

Good suggestion, Cheese !! I've actually seen folks
install a "NEW" seat in "ON TOP" on the old one, and
didn't even bother trying to re-set float heighth when
it was sticking up in the air like it would be. I've also
seen folks not remove the old seat, and "PUSH" the
old one down through the hole in the bottom when
putting in the new one. Hey...."Those Damned
Checumskee Cobberaters"....!!!

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Thanks for the help - I replaced the needle, seat, and float and that corrected the problem. I couldn't see any obvious problem with the replaced parts, so I am not sure which of the three were defective.

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