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I recently acquired a fully functional (but tempermental on the first start of the season) Sears Snow Thrower model # 536.918200 with engine model # 143.696082. It's a 1979-vintage snow thrower, 5 hp, 22".

Based on research I've done on the 'Net, I think it was manufactured by Noma or AMF who are now owned by Murray. The engine appears to be a Tecumseh, but I do not know the model number.

Can anyone verify the above information? Can anyone provide the cross-reference Tecumseh model number (for the purpose of finding replacement parts)? I did go to, and replacement parts still seem to be available.

I started it last night and it seems to run well. I need to change out the engine oil and test out the drive and auger mechanisms. It looks like the shear bolts on the auger were replaced with hardened bolts, so I will look to see if I can find replacements.

The only issue I've found with the unit is that it's LOUD (I was embarassed to start it up at 9:00 last night) and I see occasional sparks flying out of the rusty muffler. Could this indicate a bad muffler or is it a sign of a more severe problem?

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The engine crosses to HS50-67181C.

The sparks probly are chips of rust heating and breaking off.
Muffler should be readily available from tecumseh dealer.

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You have a Murray (via Noma/AMF/Western Tool) machine. Murray owns those names now. 536 in the model # is a Murray. Yes, if it's orange and says Eager one it's about a 1979 vintage machine. I almost bought one from a neighbor, but the 1965 Craftsman I bought was far superior.

You probably need to clean out the carburetor fuel inlet bolt. There are three holes in there that must be spotless or it will run like crap.

Your engine is a Tecumseh (143 on the engine model means Tecumseh as the Sears source).

Call up Tecumseh technical services and they will give you the interchange to what the exact H50 spec engine you have is. Shouldn't matter though, the #s you found on the engine breakdown are Tecumseh, not Sears stock #s. Take those #s to any small engine dealer selling Tec parts and they will give you the right part.

Same with the breakdown on the machine. What you'll get are parts in a Murray, not Sears box. Sears uses the vendor's part #s in their breakdowns.

Go through the machine soup to nuts with the right OEM parts. The engine parts will be Tecumseh, the machine parts Murray.

Yes, it sounds like a split muffler and a rich running carburetor. You have a decent machine, but it probably needs TLC.

See my post on my 1965 Craftsman I bought and posted here. Pictures are on the Ebay link of where it was listed (I bought it off Ebay by knocking the seller down about $100)

Hope that helps.

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