Carb cleaner


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Carb cleaner

What's a good carb cleaner? While I've got the Carb off, I'd like to soak, or boil it, as we used to hear shops di it. I've blown it out with air, but I want to do better.
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Carb Cleaning


This day & depends on the type of carb you're
working with, and wanting to clean. Most manufacturers
DON'T RECOMMEND soaking carbs any longer due to the
use of so many plastic and neoprene parts used in these
now. However....many carbs CAN BE soaked, but NEVER
needs more than 30-40 minutes to do the job. Any more
than that, and you're deteriorating the metal. Any auto
parts store sells a 1 gallon can w/basket that works quite
well. Remove ALL items that could be harmed by the
caustic chemical. Soak for 30-40 minutes, blow out good
with carb spray, and then compressed air. That's about
as good as it gets I think. MOST FOLKS now only suggest
the use of a spray can of cleaner, and air, and that's it.

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Agreed, make sure to remove ANYTHING made of rubber or plastic, or anything not metal before soaking.
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Agree with these gentlemen.

Due to air regs, the formulation of the stuff has changed.

The "dipping" stuff these guys are talking about (one brand, anyhow) is Gunk Hydroseal. That is VISCIOUS stuff, but it works. I don't think you need to go that far.

As far as sprays, mostly any will work, but I like Gumout. Seems to be the strongest. CRC is also pretty good as well. Mostly anything will work.

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