snowblowers: single vs two-stage

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Question snowblowers: single vs two-stage

I would like some advise on single-stage vs two-stage snow throwers. I am looking for an Ariens snow thrower for my mom; she is 5' tall and 62 years old. She was considering the Ariens 724 because it is self-propelled and the two-stage looks like it won't be a problem with heavy snow. The 724 is self-propelled but the axle is locked (it does not have an independent differential) and I am not sure if it will be hard to turn. She thought the single-stage snow throwers would be harder to handle because of the small wheels and not being self-propelled. Also, the performance of the machine is a concern as well.

Any thoughts from anyone??

She lives near Green Bay, WI. Many snow falls every year (not nearly as bad as most people think). It would be used for a double wide paved driveway about 30' long.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello kidbat!

I live in the south where snowblowers are a curiosity, but I will tell you what I know. A two-stage snowblower will handle larger amounts of snow more easily, and throw it further.

A locked axle is definitely harder to maneuver than a live axle.

Hopefully this helps, and maybe someone else who knows more about these things will chime in.
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2 stage

got a white with a 2 stage , and it has triggers on both sides to assist the turn , so look for something that has this feature , it will help your mom out big time , mine will turn on a dime , also got hand warmers and a electric shoot turner , but this mite not be the thing to have , it gets wet and freezes up , so i have to use a hair dryer to deice it out sometimes ,next time i think i would stick to the manal turn system , other then that , it is a great machine , mine is a 8 hp and the shield to protect her from the snow blow back will help to , and has 110 electric start , so no pulling to get it going
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In all honesty, she should not have to do it . Have someone do it for her. Either machine is going to be a ton of work, and you must be in excellent shape and pretty strong to handle either machine. My machine is large and I wouldn't want my mother operating it (she's a few years younger than yours). That's what I'm there for .

A small ATV with a plow may be better, or a lawn tractor with the attachments with that size driveway .
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snow blower

yes these darn things are a hand full , i have a white tractor with a plow and it is much easyer doing it this way then with snow blower, and if you get any snow and it warms up or is a wet snow , these blowers have a hard time with blowing it , so they are a bit of a problem in warmer late winter storms
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OK.. so I live in Florida now... but 34 years in N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin have to add up for something. LOL

A 'Live' axle is a solid axle and they are harder to turn but the traction is unbeatable just like a Detroit Locker in a car.
With a two-stage blower, the auger unit is turning nice and relatively slow to bring the snow up into the impeller to throw the snow a pretty fair distance.

A single stage blower vibrates a lot more as the auger is also the impeller and does not work as well in heavy snow.

Agreed Mom shouldn't HAVE to do it, but who says Mom doesn't WANT to do it. My Mom, God rest her soul, was in her early 70's and still wanted to shovel snow and cut grass.. She would argue with me when I told her to go relax and comeback with "I need the excersise"

She made less than one year in Florida..
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By The Way...

Both Ariens and White use to be excellent brands and I am sure they still are.. Just remember to store them properly, always have fresh fuel and use a good quality Synthetic oil such as AMSOIL to insure those cold winter starts.

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