Idling up and down


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eager mike
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Idling up and down

I'm working on a 10 hp Tecumseh on the back of a rider.

It starts and runs, but I can't seem to control the speed of the engine. After I get it to run fairly smoothly at a particular RPM, it begins gaining RPMs until it's running very, very hard.

When I decrease the tension of the spring with the throttle control, the RPMs go way down and the engine runs crappy.

The governor perhaps? How do I work on the governor? Arrrrgghhh!

Help Me! THANKS!

Eager Mike
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Engine Speed


As you hold onto the governor lever the throttle link to the
carb throttle plate hooks onto...when you rev it up, can
you feel the governor PUSHING against your finger as it
tries to CLOSE the throttle when it speeds up ?? If you
can't feel this resistance against your will
most likely have to go INSIDE THE ENGINE and replace
the governor gear and spool. Why don't you get you a
repair manual (Tec # 740049 or 692509) and it will show
you the procedure for doing this work. Stretching the
spring or bending the linkages to try and regulate the
engine speed is self-defeating and may cause the engine
to run wild, overspeed, and maybe break the connecting
rod. You certainly don't want that.

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Hello Mike,

I agree with Tcumcman, see if you have resistance against the governor arm when you rev it. If not, time for governor work inside the engine UNLESS the screw near the bottom of the governor arm has come loose and is not allowing the governor to move the linkage.

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