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Coil Distance From Flywheel? Honda HR 216

How far do you place the coil frome the flywheel? How do you check to see if you are getting spark to the plug ? Honda HR 216

Thaks to all responders
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Anywhere in the .012-016 range will suffice, set with a brass feeler guage. An electronic ignition should be able to jump a 1/4" gap. An inexpensive tester should be able to be purchased at any auto parts store.

By grounding the plug to the block you can get an idea if there is any spark at all but does not mean it is sufficient to fire the air/fuel mixture.
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Hello: [email protected]

Once you have all the parts reassembled and test for igntion spark, if none is present, the engine kill swicth may be the cause.

If the engine fails to start and you suspect no igintion is present at the spark plug, change the plug first and retry. If that fails, suspect that kill switch.

If you suspect that switch, test it with an ohm meter or a continuity tester. It may be internally grounded which will not allow the ignition current to pass thru to the spark plug.

Simple test is to disconnect the switch and attempt to start the engine. If the starts, you found the cause of the problem. The switch is defective. Replacing it is the only option.

To kill the engine when the switch is disconnected, simply ground the wires or choke the engine to certain death...

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