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Craftsman chainsaw clutch

Model- 358.351580

Need to know how to remove the clutch so I can change the chain and check the oiler on this saw. I don't remember having to remove the clutch on other saws I have, but the bar and chain does not seem to want to come off this one with the clutch on. It comes off clockwise, but the engine turns when I try to remove the clutch. Need a special tool to spin it off?would removing the spring on the clutch help in removing the clutch? While we're at it, any info on the age of this saw, and how do I know when it is oiling the chain enough? The oil hole sin the chain are clear, but I need to get the cover behind the bar off to see if the oil discharge hole is blocked.

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Yes there is a special tool to remove the clutch. The easyest way to remove it is with the special tool and a impact wrench.
But if you don't have a special tool or a impact wrench you can try this. Drill two holes in a fairly thick piece of metal bar stock. These holes should be the same size and the same distance apart as in the clutch . Put some small stainless bolts or screws through these holes and nut them to make a spanner wrench.
Remove the spark plug and knot a small piece of nylon cord. Put the knot in the spark plug hole. This should lock up the chainsaw so it won't turn. Put the spanner wrench, you made, in the clutch and tap it with a small hammer in the dirrection to remove the clutch. You shouldn't have to hit it to hard, just a short rap to knock it loose.
If this is a gear drive oiler I think Sears sales a kit to overhaul it.
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"358" model saws are made by Poulan, so you might seek to buy parts from them over going to Sears to avoid the markup.

Go to Sears' website, get the part #s and go to a Poulan dealer and get the needed parts.
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Good advice rogerh. I can't add any advice to this one, it's been covered, lol!
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Thanks for the replies. I let someone else clean and check the oiler for me on this one. He said the clutch did not have to come off in order to remove the chain and bar. Anyway, he cleaned it up for me and sharpened the blade. I'm still not sure it is oiling enough. When I run it pointed at a flat surface, I think it might should sling a little more oil. Any comments on using 30 wt motor oil instead of bar oil?
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I actually use 30 wt in my saw more often than bar oil, because I cut a lot of really hard wood, and like my chain wet with oil. You will have to fill it quite often though. Some saws don't oil as much as others, but if it looks oily and is slinging a little oil, then it is probably doing ok.

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