Engine Starting Problem


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5.5HP tecumseh

I have a wood splitter with a 5.5 tecumseh on it. When I start it up it will pull the rope out of your hands and almost rip your arm off. It runs perfect but I want to get it to stop doing this because I hate starting the thing because it jerks your arm so hard. What could be the problem and how do I fix it? What should the air gap for the flywheel be?
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J A Boggan
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You need to check and make certain it does't have a partially-sheared flywheel key.
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Start-Up Kick-Back


As Jack says, it certainly CAN BE a timing issue caused by the
flywheel key being sheared/cut putting things out of time. The
key for these is part #610961. The flywheel nut torque spec
has been increased from 450 in lbs to 550 in lbs, so if the key
IS THE PROBLEM....remember to re-torque to this NEW SPEC.
A compression release problem can ALSO CAUSE this to occur.
The mechanical release is a spring and weighted pin connected
to the camshaft and is a REPLACEABLE part of the cam. With
piston @ TDC compression stroke, check valve clearances and
make sure they're BOTH @ .004. TOO MUCH exhaust clearance
can prevent the compression release from working.


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