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Frank Knox
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Question Easy Tecumsah Piston Questions

Okay inherited an old Tecumsah I am trying to rebuild. I marked the Piston before removal but the Rod and the piston were completely destroyed. I marked the piston side that faced the flywheel. After cleaning the piston I discovered an arrow pointing away from the valves. I have a new piston and rod now, getting ready to put it back together, I just need some help to make sure I get it right.

1) Arrow points away from valves? I am used to Briggs and Stratton where the mark goes towards the flywheel. This piston can not be installed that way and the arrow appears to point at nothing if I put it in the way I think it goes.

2) Which way does the rod go? Bolt heads towards the valves?

3) Oil dipper. There was not enough left of the rod for me to even notice if it had one to begin with. I am guessing it goes over the bottom bolt on the Rod, with the thin end in the oil and the 45 degree angle sticking out towards the valves?

4) Anyone know the torgue spec for the Rod bolts? Little bitty suckers, don't want to break em.

Engine is off an old tiller, horizontal shaft, HS50-6729C. 5HP tecumsah. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Frank!

I have not been into one of these engines like yours for quite some time, but if I recall correctly, this is how it goes:

#1...the arrow points toward the valves.

#2...the rod should go bolt heads away from valves.

#3...the dipper does bolt on the end of the rod, with the cap bolts, thin end at the bottom of the rod hanging down the farthest it can. The 45 angle you are talking about...is it a small tab?

#4...65 to 75 inch pounds

When you get it all together, rotate the engine by hand. It will bind if you have the rod in backwards.
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Piston & Rod Installation


Cheese has it correct. In recent years, Tecumseh has begun
using "OFFSET WRISTPIN PISTONS". If yours is one of these,
there should be an arrow on the outside of the piston skirt
and that arrow should point towards the valves. If the arrow
is ON TOP of the piston, there will be another arrow on the
INSIDE of the skirt. Point that arrow at the valves. If this is
a vertical shaft engine....there is NO DIPPER. Only a dipper if
a horizontal shaft engine. Install rod as you would in any
engine using what's common sense. There are "match marks"
on the upper rod piece and the rod cap. BE SURE you align
those marks when re-assembling the rod. GOOD LUCK !!

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Frank Knox
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It's a horizontal shaft and as it turns out, if you install the dipper to the rod it only has clearance to go on one way. Of course I know this because I tried it backwards first. :>). You guys had it right, arrow toward the valves, bolt heads away.

Thanks! I spent a half hour with my local parts supplier and the manual and we were all scratching our heads.
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Good job! Let us know how it runs!
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Frank Knox
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Thumbs up Runs like a top

Runs like a top. Now if only the temperature hadn't dropped from 78 yesterday down to 30 this morning I would be out tilling the garden right now lol.

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