adjusting float


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adjusting float

I have never understood the method for adjusting the float on a carberator. Some places that I read it says to bend a certain part and others say to use a drill bit to check something. Can someone please explain this process. Thanks.
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Float Heighth


Setting the float is very important. Since most all other
carbs use a "LEVEL" position, a VERY COMMON misconception/mistake is to "assume" Tecumseh carbs
are set the same. Using an 11/64 drill bit, OR (preferably)
the Tec 670377 carb tool, lay either across the face of the
carb body on the opposite side from the float hinge pin.
Adjust the float heighth by bending the tang the inlet hangs
on to where the outer edge of the float just touches the bit
or the flat part of the tool. Setting the float is NOT NECESSARY
on the plastic float bowl carbs, as this is a "PRE-SET" float.
Hope this answered your questions. For additional info on
carb theory and understanding HOW they work....I would
encourage you to buy Tec's "Carb Troubleshooting Booklet",
part #695907. An excellent book covering ALL models & types
of carbs used by Tec over the years.

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What kind of engine is this carb on? Some manufacturers DO suggest the float be "level" or parralell with the carb body on some carbs. If it is a tecumseh, Tcumcman has you on the right track.
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There is no specific carberator that I am talking about, just in general. Thanks for the help.

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