Tecumseh carb problem


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Tecumseh carb problem


I previously posted about a 1979 Craftsman 22" snowthrower that I acquired for free. I got to try it out this past week on some snow here in the Northeast and it worked well. Following its use, I had a problem, however...

When I got the unit, I rebuilt the carb on the 5hp Tecumseh engine. The process was pretty easy, but the carb kit I got did not have a replacement needle and seat. I used the existing ones. During the rebuild, I reset the float height using an 11/64" drill bit, per the manual.

After using the snowthrower, I noticed that my garage had a potent gasoline smell. I pulled the carb cover and noticed that gas was leaking out of the primer port on the carb (and all over the unit).

I pulled the carb back apart, but all looked OK. I was wondering if this could be a problem with the float height, the needle and seat, or both? The float did require some bending to get the 11/64" clearance (I assumed it was not properly set to begin with). Visually, the needle and seat looked OK as well and seemed to pop up properly as the float is raised (upside down).

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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A couple of things to check.

Does the float have any fuel in it. Take it off and shake it and listen for sloshing inside.

Is the fitting where it connects to the fuel line leaking.

Do you have a small hole (pin size) on the left hand side of the carb casting. On some, that was a vent. Run a piece of wire through to make sure it is clear.

Unless you have a pressure tester for needles and seats, replace them. 631021 is the part number.(Make sure the taper goes down, and you dont want to see the ring. There is a up and a down side to them)

Besides a pinched o-ring for the bowl, and looking for crap in the fuel tank, those are the only hints I can give. 'lint.
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good advice...I think you will find that you need to replace the needle and seat, but check the things 'lint mentioned first.
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I will check all of the items mentioned. I'm pretty sure the float still floats, but I did not look for a vent on the carb. I cleaned it all pretty thoroughly when I had it apart, but I will clean it out again. I will also call the supplier that sent me the rebuild kit to find out why the needle and seat were not included; I will replace them as well.

A fuel shutoff valve on the fuel line is probably a good idea at this point too.

Thanks for the help,

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