starter problem or battery


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Unhappy starter problem or battery

I have a Cub Cadet 1715 that won't start. The engine doesn't crank because the gear on the starter is spinning but doesn't rise up to engage the big engine gear. I have a charger hooked up to the battery, when I put it in engine start mode the starter gear spins. It spins fairly fast. Is it possible it's still not getting enough juice even off the charger, or is the battery bad. What makes the starter gear rise up? Also, the starter gear seems to be turning in the wrong direction, when I turn it by hand it seems to want to lift going the opposite way. Am I confused? Help...Thanks
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On the starter there is a spiral cork screw type of thread on it and when the starter spins, this spiral thread forces the small gear (bendix) up and engages the large gear on the flywheel (ring gear). The only way to hook the wires to it is to connect the positive to the bolt on the side. The ground is connected to the engine and the starter is grounded through the metal on it where it mounts to the engine. If you have a battery charger capeable of starting an engine, then the starter should spin fast enough to start the engine whether the battery is dead or not.
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Sounds like it is spinning the right way. If the starter is turning the wrong direction, it will do what yours is doing. Make sure the battery cables are on the correct way. If so, the bendix on your starter is sticking. There is a helix on the starter shaft. If it is dry and rusty, it will stick. Also, if the starter is not turning with enough torque, it will do this. The starter should instantly spin at high speed when you hit the key. If it has to accelerate up to top speed in a second or so, then you probably have a weak battery or starter problems.

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