flywheel key


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flywheel key

Thanks to this site I was able to diagnose my 6.5 craftsman lawnmower!!!!

The flywheel key was completely sheared off but residual material still remiains in the slot on the crankshaft. How is the best way to remove this material without hurting the crank?

Also, any tricks I should know before I put the beast back together?

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J A Boggan
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You will have to remove the flywheel and then dig the sheared key out the best way you can. Just don't hit the crankshaft in the radial direction. Be sure and torque the flywheel nut. Give us the numbers off of your engine and we will get you a torque number. If you don't have a torque wrench...just tighten it just about as tight as you can get it. Be sure and don't stick a screwdriver in the fins, because they are easily broken. A strap wrench works well. Also be sure and get the right key.
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Hello Schmitty!

I'm glad we were able to help you find your problem! Use a pick or thin screwdriver to dig out the piece of the key, and install a new one. You do want to get the nut back on very tight, but it's possible to tighten it too much and strip the threads on the crankshaft. With a model# we can give you the correct torque value, or you can tighten it using your judgement, but about as tight as you would tighten a lug nut on a car. JA Boggan is right about the thin fins on the flywheel...they do break easily and do not try to hold the flywheel from turning using these fins. Use a strapwrench or chock the blade so that the engine cannot turn. Repeating JA Boggan sure to use the correct replacement key, and no substitutes. The key is made to shear to prevent damage to the engine and operator and people nearby if the engine comes to an abrupt halt.

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