Lawnmower blades


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J A Boggan
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Question Lawnmower blades

Let me ask anybody two questions about blades:
First: I have a Craftsman LT1000 42" rider. It's blades have a "wrinkle" or offset about 3" from the end...what is the purpose for this? The offset is about 1/2" deep and about 3" long. The blades are sharpened for 8-1/2" from the end. I have read somewhere, that the blades only need to be sharpened for 3" to 4" from the end. Dose this have something to do with "mulching"?
Second: The blades have what looks like "5 leaf clovers" where the blades attach to the shafts. What is the reason for doing that. I thought the reason for using the blades with one hole in them was in case a person struck an inmovable object, the blade (being held by friction washers) would just slip instead of doing damage to the shaft.
Would someone kindly explain this to me, because I really need to know.
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The blades you describe are mulching blades. They should be sharpened along the entire bevel.

Most riding mowers do not make provisions for the blade to "slip". Almost all of them have fixed mount blades, and most of the mounting patterns are unique to the manufacturer. AYP uses the 5 piont star, MTD uses the 6 point star or 3 bolt holes, Murray does still have a round hole, Deere also still used the round hole, Some mowers have a "D" shaped hole, or square hole, etc...
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J A Boggan
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I appreciate your information. Just still trying to learn. Most of these questions that I ask, aren't the ones you will find in any textbooks. The only way to find out is to just ask. If I'm forturnate enough to find people with the experience and the williness to share, on these really means a lot.
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The previous Sears design had a round hole in the blade and a saddle or flange over the top of the blade to keep it from moving. With that design if you hit a inmovable object it would bend the mandrel shaft. Then you had to replace the mandrel at a cost of $70.00 for just the part.
With this new star design if you hit something the blade will bend or the belt will break. The blade is about $13.00 or a belt could be $30.00.

Thought you would want to know.
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Anytime JA boggan! You know I don't mind answering your questions...That's what we're here for.

Many times, on the sears jackshaft Roger is referring to, the star pattern will shear off when you hit something. Sometimes the blade will just bend. Seldom does the belt break, but sometimes. The jackshaft (shaft that goes through the mandrel with the pulley on top, and blade on bottom) is not expensive though, and can be replaced. (I think they run around 12-15 bucks.)

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