Replacing BBC Belt on LawnBoy/Toro


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Question Replacing BBC Belt on LawnBoy/Toro


I have a 1995 Lawn Boy Medallion series mower. This is the Home Depot "special" that was basically a 4 stroke Toro rebadged as a Lawn Boy to be sold through Home Depots only.

It has been a really great mower but recently I've noticed that the blade brake clutch is not working as well....when releasing the blade handle the blade takes much longer to spin to a stop. I also noticed a lot of "play" in the BBC belt. I would assume that it is about time for a belt replacement but I cannot determine the disassembly process.

Does anybody know where I can purchase a service manual or maybe even be familiar with the replacement procedure? I have seen the same model in Toro colors so these mowers should have been fairly common.

Thanks in advance, Tommy
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I am totally not familiar with a lawnboy BBC (a regional thing?) but I am quite familar with toro BBC.

If you are not having problems with the BBC engaging slowly, or you are bogging down in the grass I would say that is a belt problem. If you are worried about the blade not slowing quickly enough, then I would say that you have a brake problem. It's rare to see a brake pad worn out, and you must buy the whole assembly to replace it (not just the pad, they are NLA) And as far as replacing one of those goes, I dont think anyone in thier right mind would attempt to do a walk thru on that subject(but then again how many in this forum is in thier right mind?)

Having said that, there are a couple of things you can check and do that might help. Make sure that the cable isnt too tight. There is a clamp on the deck that holds the cable, and you should have a little slack in the cable when it is not engaged. If it is taunt, loosen the bolt and clamp and allow a little slack.

Check under the belt cover for grass being packed in there. Sometimes that gets so packed up with garbage, that it doesnt allow the brake arm to move.

As long as you are there, manually move the brake arm around and see if it is sticking. Shoot some penetrating oil around the area where the arm goes thru the deck.

Up at the handle, see if the cable is frayed or sticking. Dont take it apart, or you will no doubt be in deeper stuff then you might want to be. (we charge extra for "opened BBC box" repairs.)

I hope some of this helps, and I am sure others will offer some tips. I can do a walk thru of a belt and pulley R&R, if that is what you want to do. But it will take a better man than me, to explain the Toro BBC system in 1000 words or less. 'lint.
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Hello Tommyg12!

'Lint has you covered. His advice is about all anyone can offer. The system is very difficult to describe with only words, and can be overwhelming for someone with little or no experience (like the control box and getting it all back together). Try Toro's website, you should be able to contact the company there. I have found that Toro is very hard to deal with unless you are a certified Toro dealer (which I am not).

Check the things mentioned, and you may well find your problem. Let us know if we can further assist.

PS...thanks 'lint! Good info!
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Thanks guys you have been very helpful.

Actually, 'Lint brings up a good point.

I have noticed that the blade seems to engage much more slowly lately. Is this a belt problem? Like I said earlier, the belt has so much slack I don't see how it is staying on. Is the belt hard to replace?

I probably should be more concerned with the belt and worry about the brake second. I performed the cable check that is in my owners manual where you squeeze the handle and then measure the spring. The spring measurement is out of spec and adjusting the cable doesn't make a difference.

Thanks again, Tommy.
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There is a fairly extensive service manual for BBC systems.

"Walk Behind Power Mower Drive Systems" The Toro part number is 492-4733. I am not sure on price, but I imagine 10-12 bucks through a toro dealer.

It is one of toros better efforts, as they are known for not printing much service information. It contains about 25 pages of info on BBC stuff.

Slow engagment does sound like a belt problem. But there are other things to check while you are there. Also check the condition of the idler pulley bearing. It should spin freely. Make sure that the brake arm is moving freely. A harder thing to check are the 2 bearings on the crankshaft. (getting them off can sometime be a bear.) But if you have any problems, just post them, or email me and I can send some pictures. 'lint.

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