what is the safety bar for?


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what is the safety bar for?

i'm just wonering what the saftey bar does on lawnmowers. part of me suspects that they just adjust tension on the flywheel. does friction stop the engine?
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Depends on the mower. Some of them are connected to a band which grabs the flywhell as well as release a bar to go to a 'kill' switch which grounds out the electrical system.. Some of them are set up wil actual pads that do the stopping and the same kill switch.
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They're supposed to stop the machine as quickly as possible. It's what's known as a "dead-man" device, to prevent runaway (and further damage) if something happens to the operator. It is SUPPOSED to kill the ignition by grounding the primary side of the coil and apply a friction-type brake to the engine to bring it to an abrupt halt.
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Correct. I believe it is a CPSC requirement since 1982.

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