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Unhappy surgery

i want to perform open heart surgery on my engine because it won't start at all now... does anyone have any tips for me?
plus i've tried all the stuff i read about on this forum and they didn't work.
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You need to find out why it won't start. Are you losing spark? Are you getting fuel? Both at the proper time? Sufficient airflow into and out of the engine?
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ok i think i'm just going to gut it anyway and buy myself a new one--the kind i need. i will just use it for parts.
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What type of engine? Age? Model #? Actual problem?

Have spark? Does it run if you put fuel into the cylinder?

etc, etc, etc. I have resurrected many "dead" engines with simple TLC.
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all i know is that its an eager 1 engine from craftsman. other than that, i dont have a clue as to how old it is or anything... i got it out of someones trash pile. it ran for a little bit. then it just decided that it didn't want to run at all. it didn't even feel like it was trying to start. i have checked for a spark and there is one. i didn't try putting fuel in the cylinder but i don't think i'm going to either. i decided to buy a new engine that simplify all the problems that would smack me in the face. oh i also tried the electric start with a new battery, because the old one was shot, and that didn't even start it. it just drained the battery. it looks pretty old from what i can tell and i think that it met its match and age just caught up with it.
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Nah. If it ran for you, it's probably in need of TLC. Eager 1 is a Tecumseh engine for Sears and will have the model # 143 as the prefix on it.

Probably from the 1970's. I have reserructed many of those. They run forever, people just don't know how to maintain 'em .

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