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Tecumseh universal ignition module

I have an older 5HP Tecumseh engine. It was dis-assembled.
The armature/coil mounting bracket was removed. I believe the timing is not correct.

I purchased a new electronic ignition module and would like to install it instead of using the points/condenser setup. I need answers to a few questions.

If the engine timing wasn't set properly, do I need to set the timing prior to the installation of the module?

Is it as simple as connecting the wires and mounting the module?

Thanks for the help

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The timing on a Tecumseh engine (or just about any) is critical.

If you believe the timing was out (I would agree it was), it must be set correctly or the engine will not run .
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Converting Points to Electronic Ign


You CANNOT convert a Tecumseh that had a magneto ignition
system with points/condenser to solid state by just installing
an electronic coil. I would ask you to look at a couple of issues...
Where will you mount this new coil ?? How will your flywheel
fire this coil ?? Having said this....if you've bought one of those
Nova ignition modules that eliminates the points....I'm not
familiar with those, but I understand they will work, but I don't
know how well. Either way....you MUST HAVE a coil in order for
the module to work. The Nova chip just takes the place of the
points....You still need a voltage maker....aka....THE COIL. Not
trying to be a "smart___" here, Jim....just don't think you'll be
able to accomplish what you'd like to.

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Hello Jim!

When you say "module", are you referring to a small square with one screw hole in it, or a coil, which is also sometimes referred to as a module? If you are using an atom chip, I hear they work, but I haven't used one on your particular engine. Usually, you just clip the wire going to the points from the coil, leaving the wire connected at the coil, not the points, and connect it to the chip. If the coil is not in proper position, it will need to be.
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Tecumseh ignition clarification

Thanks to all who responded to my questions.

To clarify my situation, I do have the coil in place.
I simply wanted to replace the points with this universal ignition
module. The instructions idicate that you connect both wires
coming out of the coil to the small module and mount it to the blower housing. My reason for doing this was that I felt that the timing was not set properly. The armature and coil was removed from the engine and its position must be adjusted to open the contacts on the points at a specific position of the crank. I don't have the necessary tools(dial indicator) to make this adjustment.

I was hoping that by changing to this type of ignition I wouldn't have to deal with that whole timing issue.

I tried to install it but was unable to get any spark once I did.

Is this method acceptable? It seemed rather simple but I couldn't get it to work. The engine had spark prior to trying this.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Did you get the module for your engine model#? There are several different modules that are designed to work with different engines. Also, the coil position is still just as critical as it was before. You just don't have to worry about adjustment of the points.

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