Chain saw for clearing bursh

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Chain saw for clearing bursh

I'm looking at buying a chain saw - have NEVER used one before so know nothing about them. I don't want to take down any big trees - biggest thing might be about 8 inches around. I have seen prices ranging from $30 on up. My questions are:
1) gas or electric?
2) I saw some (bare bones models?) in the $30 range - and one about $90 that said on the tag "self oiling; self adjusting chain" - do I spend the extra money for these features?

(maybe not the right forum? I posted in it "tools" also)
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Hello bogey!

If the only thing you will need to do is cut some brush in your yard within reach of an outlet, then an electric saw is probably the best bet for you. Gas saws are more prone to trouble, more expensive to buy, more expensive to operate, and require more maintainence. However, they are usually stronger, faster, and completely portable.

The self oiling may be a help, but not necessary. A manual oiler requires you to push the oiler often enough to keep the chain well oiled. In both cases, you still have to be sure the oil tank doesn't run out of oil.

Be careful using your saw. Using a saw in brush can actually be more dangerous than using it on large trees in the open. A saw can grab a twig or branch and kick away from what you are cutting. Read the safety portion of the manual extra carefully!
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Clearing brush

Back in my mamma earth years I bought an old place that was 2 1/2 acres. I bought a small gasoline powered weedeather with a saw blade attachment that a 120 # person could handle. Of course, I had my bow saw and ax and pruners. I cleared this land single handedly.

The only problem was the first pile of brush. I was going to burn it. Here came the fire dept. The smoke sent them running.

After that a neighbor knew I was in trouble, so he had a friend who owned hundreds of acres, was a high school draftsman teacher looking for extra income. He carried away a zillion truckloads to his farm at $15 a load. That was back in the 70's. I cleared my land of underbrush so that I could keep the understory mowed. When I left this property that was built in 1949, all undergrowth was gone, and grounds were restored as well as home improvements.

I doubled my money on resale. Personally, I did not think the house was that great, but when the appraisers came, they couldn't stay out of my vegetable and flower gardens. I got a high price. Mama Earth conquers!

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