Blower problem


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J A Boggan
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Question Blower problem

I have a Weed Eater blower (model GBI 22V) with a poulan engine. The problem is, I am getting a very weak spark. I've reset the ignition coil air gap to 0.008". Have disconnected the kill wire, even put gas into the cylinder...still won't fire at all. My question is, can a bad ignition coil cause this. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Yes, a weak coil coud cause problems. Perhaps Cheese or Mike Merritt have some test specs they could furnish. Probably a certain resistance reading needed at the coil.

Is the spark white and consistent? Does the engine have good compression?
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Hello J A Boggan, I would say your coil is probably fine. Coils that are weak will usually show no fire or cause running problems if they show fire when testing. How is the compression? Should be up around a 100lbs. but should hit as low as 70. First, I would change the plug even if new. I'm finding over and over that you can't count on new plugs to be good. If it has decent compression my next thought is a blocked muffler. If this Poulans muffler is spring retained, pry a screwdriver between it and the block and attempt to start. If bolted on, loosen it enough that exhaust can blow by it. If it starts and scares you into next week you have found the problem. Dobbers love to nest in mufflers and spark arrest screens can become blocked by carbon. If this doesn't help let us know what the compression test shows....Mike
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J A Boggan
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Mike, The compression, after five or six pulls, is 65 psi. Also, I have had the muffler off and it's pretty clean. It is held on by four springs. Will try a new spark plug tomorrow. This one sure has me puzzled.
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While you have the muffler off, look inside at the cylinder. I'm betting that the piston is scored up along with the cylinder walls.

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