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Lawn tractor help

I have an older 1992 Noma dynamark tractor. Needs a new battery since the one i have is dead. Did notice that i cannot pull the choke out. Is that controlled by turning the key first??? Thought it was a safety issue. But if i need to pull it out a little to help start it should it pull out all the time whether key is engaged or not??? Tried oiling it still will not pull out. Any suggestions. ???
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You might check in the Small Engines Forum. I see this type of product discussed there all the time, along with other mowers.
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Hello MDJ48!

You should be able to pull the choke at any given time. If not, the choke cable is probably rusted and siezed. Replace it with a new one (they are cheap).

Hope that helps,
cheese (small engines forum moderator)
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Is there any way to loosen it. It is covered with black rubber how could it rust or seize. I may order one but i'll be replacing it myself and i have never done it before. there is an attachment under it (other side) does that come off or just get the puller off and then run line up through attachment and holder up to front???Can you understand all this??
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Hello: MDJ48

I moved your question to this forum so you can get the helpful advice of others whom may have done this type of repair and our other small engine professionals.

To verify if the cable is seized, simply remove the end that is attached to the carb. Than attempt to pull the choke out at the knob end.

If the choke cable is rusted and corroded inside the cable, the cable must be replaced. Water and moisture have gotten into the cable and rusted the the wire to the metal casing. The black coating will not prevent water ending nor internal corrosion.

If the cable moves freely and works normally, the linkage it is attached to on the carb end may be seized. Oiling that linkage will not or may not free it up. Try another rust removal type product or WD 40 or like product.

That black coarting on the cable is there mostly for cosmetic eye appeal. So it looks good and the cable does not scratch painted surfaces when the cable is used on your machine or on other machines or applications.

Small engine repair parts are available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops. They are listed in the phone book directory in every town.

Regards & Good Luck. Tom_B. Web Site Host & Small Engine Forum Moderator. "Accurate Power Equipment Company"
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Removing choke wire

Have a new part New choke pull. Problem is how do i get the old part out. Its cliped in. And its hard to press the sides and pull if you know what i mean.

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