Chain Saw Oiler


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Marshall Buttrey
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Chain Saw Oiler

I have a styhl .025 chain saw, and found yesterday that the oiler has quit working. Can some one please give some advise on how to fix it, or at least find out what's wrong.


Marshall Buttrey
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First make sure that the bar, and the holes where the oil enters the bar are clean.

While you have the bar and chain off, run the saw and see if you have oil flowing out the oiler hole. Dont rev it full blast, but give it some throttle so that the oiler kicks in.

If you have no flow still, check the filter in the tank isnt plugged with stuff. If the saw has an adjustment for flow, crank that all the way up. (not all of them do) check your owners manual.

Try those things first, and see what happens. 'lint.
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Marshall Buttrey
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Thanks for the ideas Lint. I had no idea where to start. It may be a few days, since he weather is so bad and we will be out of town for a few days. I appreciate the help.


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