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lawn mower(primer problem)

My lawn mower needs to be primed in order to start. It starts but the rubber primer, stays in, until I work it out. The mower cuts for about 3-4 swatches and quits. Took the air cleaner out and cleaned the foam and oiled it. Do not know what else could be wrong. Need I say, I love this site., has helped me so many times.
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You might need to clean the carburetor. It sounds like you are able to prime the engine, but the needle valve on the float could be stuck, stopping the gas and when the gas in the fuel bowl gets used up, the engine dies.
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Hard Starting

If the primer sticks in, safe to say....U need a NEW one. The
primer's job is to push low pressue (air) into the float bowl,
which pushes a shot of fuel up into the carb intake. The bowl
nut on the float bowl is also the main jet in the carb, and MUST
BE CLEAN in order for the engine to continue running & getting
fuel. So....Replace the primer with the CORRECT ONE, bowl O-ring,
maybe new needle & seat, and clean carb with spray cleaner....
should run again, and keep running. Obviously, I've based my
comments on a Tecumseh engine vs. a VacuJet B & S, which is
an entirely different scenario.

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Hello Greencgk!

I agree that you may need a new primer, but on the briggs engine, there are check valves in the carb that affect priming. They seldom cause any trouble, but if one of them is stuck or clogged, it could also keep the primer from returning to its' proper position. If the primer feels very soft and spongy, then changing the bulb may be all that is necessary.

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