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Question Ignition module

Hey everyone,

First of all let me say that I don't know very much at all about small engines.
My situation is this. I have an old Murray 1008 push mower that hasn't been started in probably 8 - 10 years. It has a Tecumseh TVS90 3.5HP engine.
I've replaced the spark plug and still can't get it to start. So, I guess I got a little adventurous and took off the engine cover. I noticed that the ignition module is very rusted.
Could this be the problem for the engine not starting? I didn't notice a spark when I had the plug out and pulled the cord, but I'm not sure if I was checking this right.
Any suggestions on what I should do? Can these modules be checked to see if they're good? Should I go ahead and replace it? Should I even bother trying to get this to run? I would rather put the money towards a new mower if it's going to take a lot to fix this one up.
Thanks in advance for all your help!

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It would be a GOOD IDEA to remove the module, clean the rust
off of the laminated legs of the coil where it mounts to block.
Also clean lamination that passes magnet of flywheel, and clean
rust from flywheel magnet, also. Remount coil and set air gap
at .0125. If there's been fuel in the carb, your BIGGEST problem
will be the varnish residue of gas that's long since turned to
"GOO" in there. Under flywheel is the flywheel braking mechanism.
There's an ignition stopswitch terminal with a green wire going
to back of the coil from it. These are bad to rust and can stick in
a coil grounding position. Make sure it's moving & releasing as
you pull the brake handle up & down. That's about it. Check it
all out and let us know where you are with this thing. As the 'ole
saying goes..."if it was running...it can run again"....BUT...not until
you resolve some of these issues. A sticking valve may also
"surface" if you're able to get it running again. The old gas will
stick a valve in a heartbeat, and adding heat will "renew" that
glue in there. GOOD LUCK !!


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